I have not been posting for several months. Due to several life events, my life has gotten quite busy.  To be honest, I have not felt inspired to post as I’ve been in a bit of a food-blogger funk. I hope to get out of that eventually, but I do not want to put myself under any pressure.  However, I remain passionate about food and cook often.  Whenever I am ready to return, I will come back in full force!

Since last November, I’ve been pursuing quite a lot of new things in my personal life. For example, I’ve started volunteering at a local Cancer Hospice. Thanks to the training done at the hospice, I’ve become a certified Reiki practitioner and Aroma (Touch) Therapy specialist.  Not only do I hope to heal those who are ailing from illness during the most difficult time in their lives, this journey has been tremendously helpful for my own self healing.  (I think my dogs like it too!)


As my friends and family know, my most favorite things in life are anything food and beauty industry related. On top of this, I have been working towards professional development training for my “day-job” career path.

I’ve long been a fan of make up artistry and want to ease back into the profession.  I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since I was in the industry! So much has changed and I cannot ignore my longing rediscover new trends and techniques that I’ve missed out on over the years. As a result, I further plan to pursue esthetics and nails in the years to come. It will take a lot of financial planning and time, but I feel very committed to these passions.

Further, I  want to build my own computer to add to my future “beauty office.”  I am a closet-nerd, ha! This will be a really fun project as I plan to get my  parents involved. We have absolutely have zero knowledge about “the inside” of computers, so it should be really fun and a great test for us all!

On top of that, I want to make travel plans for the next two years. It has been far too long since I last took a trip overseas, and I am dying to get out there.

In terms of progress, all of this has been slow going. Even so, I really want to challenge myself and do exactly what I want to do. I am counting my blessings, and will be working very hard to make these dreams come true.

And for the cherry on top?  I became a vegetarian, if you can believe it.

Thanks to all who has come to visit my very, very tiny corner of the Internet.  I look forward to interacting with you again soon!

Lots and lots and lots of love,






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