Day 5: Done!

Day 5.jpg

Here’s what I ate on my final day of the fat fast challenge.  I’ll eventually try this again when I can be a little more focused. But for the first time? I’d say it wasn’t a total bust.

Meal 1

  • Sausage Patties

Meal 2

  • 80/20 Hamburger Patty
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard

Meal 3

  • Kale salad with cherry tomatoes with a little dressing
  • Marinated carrots (I’ll do a recipe for this in the future, it is ridiculously delicious)
  • Steamed Brocolli
  • Polynesian pork chops from Omaha Steaks


  • Salami

So starting tomorrow, I’m going back to intermittent fasting for a full week.  Now, I have to ponder what recipe I’m going to post next.  So many things I want to cook!


Until then!


Lots and lots and lots of love,




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