Egg Fast Day 3: I have recipes!

Well, I’m still not sick of eggs yet.  Below is my food log, two recipes for you, and pictures of my  Low-Carb Friendly Hot and Sour Soup.

Day 3

A.M.: Bulletproof Coffee (of course)

Meal 1:  The Sprightly Kitchen’s Basic Egg Salad (Serves 1)

Peel off eggshells, then put the eggs into a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mash and mix with the back of a fork. Easy, right?

Meal 2: 2 servings of


Egg Drop Soup
The Sprightly Kitchen’s Low-Carb Friendly Hot and Sour Soup (Makes 3-4 servings)
  • 4 cups (946 ml) of (bone) broth
  • About 1 3/4 cups (14-ounce package/396 grams) of shirataki noodles, rinsed and chopped into small pieces (I used clean kitchen shears.)
  • 2-3  tablespoons (30-45 ml) of soy sauce
  • 2-3 tablespoons (30-45 ml) of  apple cider vinegar
  • Freshly grated ginger to taste (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon (3 grams) of Mushroom Seasoning
  • 1/2-1 teaspoons (2-4 grams)  of xanthan gum
  • 3 eggs, beaten (I used the organic ones from Costco)
  • A dusting of white pepper and salt
  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of sesame oil
  • 1 scallion (15-30 grams or so), chopped and divided for each serving
  • Hot chili oil to taste
Ingredients for the soup. I forgot to include the ginger and bone broth here but it’s listed in the recipe.

Bring the broth up to a simmer on medium-high heat.  While it’s simmering, add the shirataki. The shirataki is going to lower the temperature of the broth, so bring the soup back to a simmer again. Stir in the seasonings and xanthan gum.  Once the xanthan gum starts to thicken the soup, gently stream in the beaten eggs. I recommend not over-stirring the eggs. If you do, the egg ribbons will not be as, uh, “ribon-y.”  But, you do you. For the final touch, add pepper, salt, and sesame oil.  After you put the soup in a bowl, drizzle some hot chili oil and top with scallions.

Tip: adding the oils immediately before serving the soup will preserve their aroma.

Close up of Soup.JPG
Oh yeah. 




  • 100 ounces (3 liters)


I had a terrible sweet tooth this morning. So, I used some good old fashioned artificially flavored syrup, or what one of my favorite food/Youtube bloggers’, Melanie of the Anarchist Kitchen calls “Chemical Death Syrup” to my coffee.

It was so awesome that Melanie let me quote her on my blog today (thank you!!!).  She is one of the coolest Youtubers/Bloggers/Instagrammers out there that will actually interact with you.  What I love about her so much, is that she is unapologetically authentic and honest.  We had also chatted about our MBTI personality types one day via Instagram, and it turned out we share we the same one.  Bonus! You must go check out Anarchist Kitchen!

I whipped up the same egg salad that I had last night again for lunch.  So why not make it into my own recipe? I will eventually have to recreate it and make a nice photo of it.  You can totally use whatever mustard or mayo that you like.  It’s really good with classic yellow mustard too.

The soup is a mock version of the traditional Chinese hot and sour soup.  It was made on a complete whim tonight.

I decided to add some shirataki noodles and xanthan gum to make it more filling and add texture. That worked out really well!  The xanthan gum is such a lifesaver because I’m unable to use corn or potato starch to thicken any soups or stews during the fast or while I’m on a strict low-carb diet.  And, shirataki noodles hardly have any nutritional value, except for a very small amount of carbohydrates and fiber per serving.

About the soy sauce and vinegar ratios for the soup…Honestly? I’d adjust the amounts of these according to taste. Same with the mushroom seasoning.  I highly recommend investing in a bag of the mushroom seasoning.  It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly! It also has a ton of flavor and makes soups absolutely delicious.  I saw Mommy Tang, a vegan Youtuber introduce it to her channel one day and decided to try it.  I’ve been hooked ever since and use it in all of my Asian-style soups.

I’m not a vegan, nor will I make any claims that I am vegan or vegetarian.  I’m good with flexitarian. However, I do enjoy making vegetarian and vegan recipes often.  Which reminds me to take note that I will need to do a vegetarian and vegan series in the future.

Until tomorrow!

Lots and lots and lots of love,


*I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blog post.


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